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Baccarat Online

Like a number of other games found in today’s online casino, the history of baccarat, sometime known as Punto Banko, is a matter of debate. Some argue the origins lay with Felix Falguiere, a 15th century gambler, other commentators, including some academics, have considered the Chinese game Pai Gow and certain Roman rituals, both associated with the number nine,  as possible precursors to baccarat. In truth the precise origins are probably lost to history.

A number of game variations are available from some baccarat casinos, including live casinos, although it depends on the software used.

  • Multi-player Baccarat – This has seven betting positions.
  • Single Player Baccarat – The table is set to show only one player betting.
  • Turbo Baccarat – Reduced betting time.
  • Mini Baccarat – This version is for one player and bets are placed much quicker than in the normal game.